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Aspiring Travel Photographers:
Brand New Training Reveals:
"How to Become Rich, Famous & Travel the World Endlessly by Taking Photos for Instagram"
Finally... In this course I’ll show you the exact steps and specific directions to getting paid to travel the world by using "3 little Instagram tricks" - and you don't need a huge following already or prior knowledge to do it...

This is what I want...THIS is what I was waiting for! Gun actually provided a system to finally quit my job and travel full time...

Sheila F.
Washington DC, USA

Since finding Gun I've taken my Instagram from 0 to 20k+ followers but more importantly my girlfriend on exciting adventures photographing our travels - has been LIFE-changing!

Jesse C,
Perth, Australia
This 3 part video course will teach you:
How to rapidly become 'Instagram famous' sharing your travel photos with thousands of people
(even without any current followers).
  • Quick-Start Guide: Fast-Track from 0 - 10,000 followers, guaranteed (!)
  •  No Experience Necessary: 'How Instagram and all this works' short-cutting you to being a Travel Instagram Pro
  •  Only The Most Effective: If you do nothing else, this quick-start guide is ALL you need to get to 10k followers (and beyond) without worrying about less effective advice such as "post on Wednesdays..."
  •  Don't Buy Followers: Why buying followers will actually hurt your account's growth, but how to still grow rapidly AND ethically
  •  Latest Strategies: What will work VERY effectively NOW for you after Instagram's Algorithm changes, not old, no longer effective tactics from back in the 'good old days of Instagram'
Use Instagram to automatically send a tsunami of new subscribers to your travel photography, travel blog or youtube channel.
  • Accelerate Your Existing Travel Platform Success: Specific Instagram advice if you already have or are thinking about starting a travel blog, youtube channel, freelance travel photography or writing
  •  Leverage the quickest growing platform of 2017: Exactly how to drive thousands of followers from Instagram to your other asset/s on autopilot with minimal effort
  •  How to stand out from the crowd: Frequently hear the words 'I hired you over the other Photographer/Writer/Blogger/YouTuber because you also have a great Instagram!

Get hired to fly around the world taking photos of your dream landscapes, adventures & exotic experiences, all while making serious bank in the process.
  • Travel to Amazing Places: Create your dream itinerary and check off your bucket list getting paid to visit the places you've had saved as your wallpaper for years
  •  Go Pro: Turn travelling and adventures from a side-thing into a full-time gig
  •  Exactly How You Get Paid: Who and why they provide free and PAID travel products, accommodation, travel and wild adventures, and exactly how you contact and get paid by them
  •  What to Expect at What Level: Did you know you can get reimbursed within the FIRST MONTH? How to get rewarded even while you are starting out with as little as 1,000 dedicated followers and what you can expect at different levels. (You would be amazed how YOU can get paid thousands of dollars PER Instagram post - no that was not a typo!)
- If you’ve seen people on Instagram living their dream travel lives, or read some free online blog articles but are still confused as to how YOU can create YOUR dream life of travel and adventure through your Instagram account
- If you already have a travel themed Instagram account but growth feels slow or you don't know who to contact or (or have the guts to) that will actually pay you to continue travelling and sharing your adventures with your followers
- If you currently have a travel blog, travel youtube channel, or provide travel photography and want an endless flow of new subscribers and clients on autopilot
- If you’re sick to death of all the other stuff that’s all “rah-rah” and no results
- If you’re interested in creating a high-growth account that has engagement like crazy while minimalising the amount of work you actually have to do
- If you want a proven plan based on years of research & testing what works ourselves, live interviews with Instagram's top travel influencers and hundreds of our clients' results
1. How to BREAK FREE and embark on ENDLESS TRAVEL by building a travel Instagram account to get PAID to share your adventures and INSPIRE your friends, family and thousands of followers
2. Why starting or growing a travel Instagram account is the most leveraged and lucrative travel career investment you'll ever make
3. An exact formula for success so you can stop fumbling around and finally get the travel freedom you've always wanted
4. How to avoid the most common Instagram mistakes by hearing from real people who started real rapidly growing Instagram accounts and are really out there travelling right now
5. A precise step by step plan you can replicate on multiple accounts in multiple niches to scale profits and get paid to Instagram about other areas of your life eg. food/fashion/health/hobbies/entertainment...
Your Travel Instagram Mentor
Hey i’m Gun Hudson, pictured with my business partner Elliot Napier, after quitting our day-jobs-of-doom as accountants to fly 9 of the world's top travel Instagrammers to Thailand to interview them and break-down how they do what they do.

Since then I've been building my own Instagram account @adventure.gun that allows me to travel the world and live a life of freedom and adventure.

I’ve also shown hundreds of people from all around the world how to do the same through our official world #1 Instagram Travel Influencer program and community the "Travel Mastermind”.

When not travelling, i work and live out of our river-front studios in Perth, Australia where I coordinate our growing international team to create profitable Instagram marketing campaigns for ourselves and our world-wide travel & tourism clients. 

With the technology available these days right in your pocket [simply your iphone/smartphone] there’s never been a better time than right now to start an Instagram account to fund the exact lifestyle you deserve, and I have the privilege of seeing hundreds of people do this in our community each and every year. 

Wishing you all the best on your travel journey. 
Gun Hudson, CoFounder

The community aspect is great... At any time you can just go online and ask guys and girls who have done it or are doing it... It's really beneficial

Thomas N.
London, UK
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